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Different Types of Tile: Ceramic vs Natural Stone

Ceramic Tile is a durable tile that is scratch and shock resistant. Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile that is made from a special clay that makes it more dense and durable. All ceramic tile is made in a factory, so the easiest way to determine if the floor is ceramic tile is to look for identical patterns in the tile. If the floor has tiles that are identical in pattern then the floor is a type of ceramic tile.


Natural Stone is harvested from quarries and crafted into tiles that have a natural grain and color. This type of tile floor is natural and beautiful. Travertine is the most common type of natural stone that exists, but many other types of natural stone exist. Limestone, marble, granite, sandstone, quartzite, flagstone, and slate are all considered to be natural stone. If the floor has a unique pattern for each tile then the floor is a type of natural stone.


Professional Cleaning: The Process

The steam producing equipment and the vacuum waste-water tank are located inside of the service vehicle parked on property. The technician will bring two hoses inside the building to provide pressurized steam and vacuum suction for cleaning. The areas to be cleaned are pre-treated with cleaning product and left to dwell for a few minutes. The cleaning tool is attached to the two hoses, and the floor is cleaned with high-pressure steam that safely removes all dirt and grease as the vacuum immediately sucks up all of the dirty residual water. The floor is left dry, (more dry than after mopping) and can be walked on within minutes.


Porous Tile & Grout: Sealing to Protect

Ceramic Tile is a durable and easily maintained tile option, and it almost always is sealed in the manufacturing process. Ceramic tile does not need to be sealed. The grout lines in between the tiles are always porous and it is recommended that they be sealed to prevent stains and damage from exposure to elements. Grout lines in showers and bathrooms must be sealed to prevent moisture from penetrating beneath the surface of the tile. Grout should only be sealed after it is thoroughly cleaned for best results. After grout is sealed, it can be walked on after a couple of hours.


Natural Stone is always porous and therefore needs to be completely sealed before it is used. The entire area must be sealed including the tile and the grout lines. After a through cleaning, the area should be sealed to prevent damage and stains from penetrating the surface of the tile. After a floor is sealed, it can be walked on the next day.


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